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Attention Max - New York, NY

I like trying different devices and I'm interested in participating in a family-oriented security educational program. I'm the victim of a hacker right now, and I don't like being victimized one bit.

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A Day in Motherhood - Houston, TX

As a blogger and a mother, I am very interested in making the online world safer, which is a necessity, for my whole family. With so many devices to choose from, I am curious about how to protect them all from online predators who are seeking my personal information.

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Divine Miss Mommy - Atlanta, GA

My husband and I, children of early tech adopters, knew we were meant to be together upon discovering (on our first date) that we both owned the very first Mac computers and still used them. Now, we are the parents of early adopters and are fascinated by our tech savvy children.

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NYCity Mama - New York, NY

As a blogger, there is a lot of information about me and my family online. My kids are also online and I want to learn all we can about protecting our information.

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HighTechDad - San Francisco, CA

I'm interested in learning about the latest and greatest in technology to protect my digital family, with the understanding that technology is NOT the only thing that helps protect one's family online. It is a combination of education, monitoring AND technology that enables a safer digital environment for my family.

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And Twins Make 5 - Chicago, IL

From a tech perspective, my experience with parenting has changed greatly since the birth of our first child back in 1994 to the birth of our twins in 2008. Devices like smartphones come with their share of concerns and responsibilities, but they also have provided joy, entertainment and convenience.

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Making Time for Mommy - Chicago, IL

I use technology nonstop throughout the day and I want to learn better ways of protecting my information online. When it comes to my children, I am amazed at the things Jacob finds on YouTube and it makes me worry about the things he might stumble upon if we weren't sitting there with him.

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Attention Max

Max is a father and husband first and foremost. However, he is also a renowned expert and student in interactive marketing, now serving as the VP of marketing for Clickable, and was on the early teams of Nielsen, BuzzMetrics and comScore. He blogs about his career and family at, and is a co-host of the popular Cast of Dads podcast.

Laura is Max's wife and mother of their two preschoolers. In her "free time," she is an active community volunteer in their town in NY, editor of American Baby – the world's leading magazine for expecting and new mothers – and is a regularly featured parenting expert on CBS News.

Julian attends preschool, plays the piano and guitar, rides bikes, and enjoys building with Legos and blocks. From a tech perspective, he loves playing Angry Birds on tablets and smart phones, surfing movies of trains and vehicles on YouTube, and taking photographs and uploading to Flickr. He's mastered the family's movie entertainment system, including programming Netflix on the Roku.

Celeste also attends preschool and likes to ride bikes, sing, read and play princess. Like her brother, Celeste loves playing Angry Birds on tablets and smart phones, and taking photographs and uploading them to the family Flickr account.

What are your thoughts on internet security? Is there anything that worries you or keeps you up all night?

So many thoughts: Hacked passwords, downloading malicious code (my blog was recently hacked) and having my kids see inappropriate things.


A Day in Motherhood

Lori is a stay-at-home mom to three children. She is constantly searching for fun crafts, products and recipes for her kids. Lori has the most technical experience in her family and loves learning more every day. A previous stockbroker, security and versatility on the Internet are important to Lori. She loves to write, play digital word games, travel and spend time with her family.

Tony is a Project Manager for a Laboratory Installation company. He never really used a computer until he moved into management 6 years ago. He discovers new things everyday and is looking to grow his tech and device knowledge. Tony is just learning how to input phone numbers into his smartphone and refuses to get a Facebook or Twitter account because he is afraid he'll be engrossed in it like Lori is!

Katie entered Kindergarten this year and she is showing more and more of an interest in electronic devices and has mastered several. She is even starting to ask if there are ways for her to do her homework online. Katie loves to draw and write. She even creates her own books with story lines and illustrates them herself. Lori is very proud!

Sarah is in preschool and is also an avid "techie in training." She always wants to be on her mother's computer and is a fast learner, which her mom debatably loves! Sarah loves Dora the Explorer and being the "boss." She is the organizer of parties, the instructor of school time and is called "flipper" because she loves to stand on her head for minutes at a time!

Megan is starting preschool this year and already loves games on the smartphone and her LeapPad but is, obviously, a newbie! Lori worries when she plays on the phone that she is going to go somewhere she should not! She is the resident "Mommy" as she loves to take care of her dolls and her family. She likes to go shopping and, already at 2, wants to try everything on in the store.

The family's neighbor's teenage sons, Alton and Ethan are also Lori's techie test helpers on her blog! They have been instrumental in helping Lori test products, while providing their opinions on anything from games to apps to eBooks. She considers them her "boys." Alton is very active in the LOTC (similar to ROTC) at school and learning to drive while Ethan is into XBox and books.

What are your thoughts on internet security? Is there anything that worries you or keeps you up all night?

I worry constantly that one of my kids will be playing a game or reading an eBook online and someone will break through and contact them, show them inappropriate photos or more. Also, as a person who is online most of the day making a living, I worry that someone will attach a virus and take my information. I worry constantly that we are not protected properly.


Divine Miss Mommy

Stacie is a self-professed tech geek, social media junkie, mother of three children ages 9 and under who lives in Atlanta. She is a nationally published writer/author/editor for a variety of magazines, blogs and online publications. Her work has been featured in Knack Parenting magazine, Atlanta Parent Magazine,,, Type-A Mom and Valley Scene Magazine, to name a few.

Stacie has also been awarded several accolades within the new media community, including being named one of Cision Media's Top 10 Most Influential Mommy Bloggers and one of HERoic's 10 Mommy Bloggers Who Rule Social Media. You can find her blogging at The Divine Miss Mommy and The Family Travelers, among other places, or on Twitter.

Jason is the father of three children, nine and under. He blogs occasionally and works in training and development. He is a foodie, a former chef, and an avid low stakes online poker player, very close to qualifying for the World Series of Poker. Jason graduated from music school, never gets a vacation and is in need of a spellchecker.

Huntly likes longs walks on the beach, playing Club Penguin online, adding cool kid's movies to his Netflix queue, sipping orange soda, dirt and Cub Scouts. Occasionally, he likes to fish as well. Huntly has his own all-in-one remote control (which he asked Santa for) and loves to walk around the house programming things. He loves to Skype video chat his grandparents.

Annabella is a Girl Scout (Brownie), loves gymnastics and ballet. She has recently discovered Skype on her iPod Touch and she now loves to chat constantly with her entire extended family (well at least those who will respond back). She also loves to microwave popcorn and is so proud of herself for cooking the perfect popcorn batch every time. She makes one bag for everyone in her family on almost a daily basis. While this may be excessive, Annabella's family doesn't have the heart to tell her to stop, so the whole family consumes an unearthly amount of popcorn.

The baby of the family, Laurel, loves school and ballet. She is hands-down the most technologically proficient, especially when it comes to Netflix and using her mom's smartphone. She has made over 100 videos of herself on said smartphones and loves to take photographs of herself. She finds herself hilarious as does the whole family!

What are your thoughts on internet security? Is there anything that worries you or keeps you up all night?

I worry that my children will get bullied online when I am not around, or buy something that they don't have permission to buy. My son just got an e-reader and there are no constraints or parental controls for buying books. He can buy whatever he wants and I hate that.


NYCity Mama

Carol is a wife and mother of three boys. She works from home as a travel and food freelance writer and blogger. Most hours of the day are spent online, blogging, looking for recipes, or helping plan and organize her family's day. Carol has a love for photography, sharing and finding interesting photos online. It's no wonder Pinterest is one of her favorite applications. She could lose hours online admiring beautiful photography – if only her kids let her. Since she travels often, she and her family stay connected via video conference when she is away, making her feel she is there for the important things like "good nights" and to hear which brother did what to the other. Of all the technological advances, being able to stay connected with her friends and family, no matter where she may be is her favorite part.

Travis is Carol's husband and father of three boys. He is a graphic designer and freelancer and on most days, works from home. Though Travis is out of the house at a full-time job during the day, at night he comes home and works on his passion as brand designer as well as toy designer for KidRobot. When this award winning designer is not working on something fabulous, he is using technology to read, browse shops online – yes, he is the shopper in the family – and stay connected with other artists and friends.

Dave is a High School student who has just obtained his first smartphone and says he uses it as a way to connect with his parents while out with friends and at extracurricular activities. However, he primarily uses it to text and stay connected with friends. He is an avid sports lover, but also enjoys music and is working on raising money for an educational European trip with a group of his peers – and without his parents – this summer.

Antonio and Carlos, are the youngest of the family. Both are in elementary school and have an affinity for online games. Almost more interestingly and a little bit intimidating is their knack for learning how to use new technology so quickly.

What are your thoughts on internet security? Is there anything that worries you or keeps you up all night?

I worry that I can't control the people who have access to the information my kids put out there. I worry about the information I input, and that information is then distributed to others without my knowledge. I'm also worried that spammers are getting savvy and finding new ways to hack systems.



Michael is a technologist at heart. On his blog, he provides reviews, insights, how-tos and other commentary with a particular eye on how technology integrates within a family environment. He podcasts regularly with the "Cast of Dads" and has participated in programs with major international brands. Professionally, Michael is the technology evangelist for GoGrid, a cloud computing infrastructure service provider. Michael's wife calls his technology "the other woman" and frequently has to compete for his time. As his life is surrounded by four women, Michael was forced to add two more males to the family, a Hamster, "Hammy," and a rescue Chiuahaha, "Rufus."

Sylvia was trained as a journalist, but switched gears temporarily by entering the Software and Technology space prior to having children. Her passion remains in journalism and she works as a freelance writer, most recently, writing for She has three full-time jobs managing the children at home, while also ensuring that her passion for fine arts (art, film and dance) remains a priority. Sylvia has pretty much been forced to adopt the latest technology for a few reasons: there is a lot of tech in the house and it's the easiest way to stay connected with far away friends, but if it were up to her, she would hand-write letters and use the phone much more than email and text.

Natasha is a middle-schooler with a passion for ballet. She currently is a ballet student at the San Francisco Ballet School, but has also attended School of American Ballet summer session – she has received full-merit scholarships from both schools, while only having truly danced ballet for less than three years. As a student, Natasha does lots of project work requiring the use of a computer. She has recently taken over one of the family netbooks. But for her, a smartphone is very important so that she can stay connected with her ballet friends around the world and follow various ballet dancers and companies using social media networks and blogs.

Alexandra is a fourth grader and animal aficionado. She knows more about animals than most adults do. She is a competitive gymnast and placed in the NorCal State Championships in 2011. She is also an avid pianist having received certificates of merit for her piano work. She is the go-to gadget troubleshooter in the family when Michael is not around to help.

Sally is a second grader and an aspiring actress. She has never had any fear or stage fright while performing, frequently in front of a captive audience, and has performed at various local productions. She also studies tap dance and ballet to round out her "Broadway training." She is the family clown with a positive attitude about everything and everyone. Sally uses technology primarily for entertainment – she loves playing games on her iPod Touch and watching YouTube videos.

What are your thoughts on internet security? Is there anything that worries you or keeps you up all night?

Phishing scams concern me as they are becoming increasingly subtle. Social networking and online bullying (cyberbullying) is a top concern as well, especially as my daughters become more active online and use social media. I worry about hacks or inappropriate content (sites, videos, etc.) that my daughters might encounter in an unrestricted internet environment. I also worry about identity theft (as this happened to me a few years ago &ndsah; not online related though).


And Twins Make 5

Stephanie is a Chicago-land married mommy of 4 boys and 1 girl. She met her husband, Brent, while they were both attending the University of Iowa. Stephanie is also the author of the popular mom blog AndTwinsMake5. Readers will find AndTwinsMake5 includes everything from a glimpse into her family's daily happenings to reviews, photos, decorating ideas, recipes, attendance at special events, and more. Stephanie's entire family believes she makes the best pies on the planet, yet she admits she wouldn't know as she completely detests pie.

Brent has both been married to his wife Stephanie and has worked in the Insurance industry for over 20 years. Brent spends a lot of his spare time with Stephanie at his kid's various sporting events. First to admit he is not a morning person, everyone in the household tends to let Brent do his own thing until he's had his morning cup of coffee and read the paper online. Everyone that is, but the family dog, Lulu, who insists petting her is an essential part of Brent's morning ritual.

J.C. is the oldest of 5 kids, attending a local high school as a junior. He plays cornerback for the varsity football team and is a sprinter as well as a captain for the school's men's track team. He hopes to major in physical therapy in college while continuing to compete in track. JC's vigorous athletic schedule makes keeping up with his friends and girlfriend a bit tricky sometimes. Luckily his daily use of Facebook and texting help him stay in contact with everyone.

Hayden is the second oldest of 5 and is currently in 7th grade. His favorite subject is science and it's clearly because he is always seeking the answers to something. A family debate about the answer to some random discussion frequently sends Hayden rushing to "Google" the answer. In the footsteps of his older brother, Hayden is heavily involved with team sports, playing for his school's flag football and basketball teams. Hayden knows his gadgets and splits the job as household tech support with his Mom. If Hayden had to pick his favorite gadget, it would likely be his phone.

Cordelia is the only girl among the 5 kids with two brothers older and two brothers younger. Her role as the only sister comes with its own set of perks. She's the only one with her own room and she never gets asked to bring out the garbage. Competitive like her brothers, Cordelia performs on a dance team in jazz and hip-hop. When not at school or the dance studio, Cordelia loves to read books on her Kindle Fire, text her girlfriends via her smartphone, bake dessert recipes she finds online, and catch up on her favorite TV shows (Dance Moms, Cupcake Wars, and Switched at Birth) on Hulu.

Cormac and Declan are the fraternal twin brothers of the family. Cormac and Declan started their first year of preschool this year. The boys both list their once a week computer class in their top 3 classes along with gym and art. Declan is the younger of the two by 2 minutes, but is about 6 lbs heavier and about 2 inches taller. Declan's favorite vegetable is broccoli while Cormac prefers edamame. They both love to play trucks, kitchen and with apps on mommy's iPad. Cormac wants to be a race car driver when he is older and Declan wants to be an ice cream man.

What are your thoughts on internet security? Is there anything that worries you or keeps you up all night?

As a blogger, my online reputation and content is very important to me. I do worry that someone will hack into my blog, social media accounts, and other channels. I also worry as a parent about my kids' accounts and inappropriate content.


Making Time for Mommy

Alicia is a work-at-home mom who spends her days taking care of her children while balancing a blog, a business and a part-time job. Alicia considers being a mother her most important job of all though, and enjoys doing open-ended crafts with her kids and creating learning experiences for them. She is amazed at how much they grow each day and is slowly learning to navigate the world of special needs parenting. Online, Alicia enjoys social networking sites like Meetup, Facebook and Twitter, which have been instrumental in helping her meet and stay in contact with other moms. She also greatly enjoys spending hours on Pinterest looking for great ideas and delicious recipes.

Sinisa is a 28-year-old restaurant manager who loves his job because he can meet interesting people and talk about food all day. On his days off he loves playing with his children who are the reason he works so hard every day. Sinisa enjoys listening to classic rock music while he cruises around in his red sports car drinking yellow Sobe drinks. His primary device is his smartphone, where he discovers new music and catches up on International news to find out what is going on in his home country, Croatia. Facebook is Sinisa's networking site of choice and he uses it to follow his favorite brands and stay connected to family members who live outside of the U.S.

Jacob is in preschool where he gets therapy for speech delays and sensory issues. He loves going to school and playing with the other children. At home, his favorite things to do are to play games and watch videos on daddy's smartphone. It's amazing how he's able to navigate the screen so easily to get to what he wants. Aside from daddy's smartphone, Jacob also enjoys playing with his handheld electronic games and he might become a novice gamer sooner than a parent would like. Jacob's favorite toys are his trains, which he incorporates in his elaborate train track setups. For extra inspiration, he searches for train-related things on the computer (with mommy's help of course).

Lucas is two years old and almost always has a smile on his face. He is very active – the only time he is still is when he is watching one of his favorite shows or movies. Lucas has speech delays and a sensory processing disorder like his brother, but is also within the Autism Spectrum. Because of this, Lucas spends hours a week in different therapies to help him. His favorite activities during therapy are swimming, playing on swings, playing in tubs of sand or rice for sensory input, and playing games. When it comes to technology, Lucas is still young, so he doesn't use it much at the moment. However, he does like to sit next to his big brother and watch him play with devices.

What are your thoughts on internet security? Is there anything that worries you or keeps you up all night?

Online security is a big concern to me, especially when it comes to protecting our personal information and accounts. Some of my friends have had their accounts hacked and I'm always worried the same thing will happen to my family. I'm also worried that, as a blogger, I may share personal information with the wrong people. Just yesterday, I went to e-sign a contract and opened it up to find another blogger's full name, address and social security number. This was not done on purpose, of course, but the person who created the form did not realize that all five people could view what should have been a private form.