Trend Micro
About the Study

Technology empowers family communications in a meaningful way, in all aspects of a family's "digital life." Being in control and aware of the threats that are inherent around living a digitally enabled life allows families to enjoy the rewards of a connected life, safe and worry free.

To help families around the world, Trend Micro has developed a year-long study with prominent bloggers and their families from all over the world to complete monthly technology challenges to help improve and examine the struggles each family experiences with modern technology. Each challenge will identify and address one facet of digital security that is affecting living in a modern digitally-connected household.

In the U.S., Trend Micro has selected seven bloggers with families from various regions around the country to participate in the year-long study. Each family will provide insights on how each monthly challenge affected their day-to-day life.

Mission Statement

The Digital Joneses (US) study is examining the issues affecting individual members of a modern, digitally-connected household. With this study, Internet security provider Trend Micro is aiming to educate the families on how to maintain a digitally enabled life and still enjoy what the Internet has to offer, all while keeping a household safe from online threats.


Please note each participating blogger family received the following products to help them examine the challenges contained within this study. Although the bloggers have been provided with these products to help evaluate the challenges within the study, the opinions, thoughts and statements expressed on their blogs remain their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Trend Micro.

Products provided to bloggers and their families:

  • Asus Zenbook, 13.3 Inch Thin and Light Ultrabook
  • Flip Video Camera, UltraHD 8GB
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1, 16GB Wi-Fi for each member of the family
  • AT&T Avail Prepaid Android GoPhone and $500 worth of prepaid cards