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Family Rules To Follow
I promise to…
  • Stick to the Internet rules my parents and I have agreed to. This includes: Which Web sites I visit, when I can go online and how long I can be online.
  • Go to sites that are appropriate for me and I'll talk to my parents if I'm not sure if a site is okay or not.
  • Treat others with respect online, just as I would in person.
  • Keep personal information confidential, and not pass along my home address, phone numbers, credit card numbers, the name of my school, passwords, or even where I am, especially not to strangers.
  • Never send or post any pictures of myself on emails or social networking sites unless I ask first.
  • Tell my parents immediately if I see or receive anything on the Internet that makes me feel uncomfortable or threatened, including email messages, pictures or Web sites.
  • Get permission before buying anything on the Internet.
  • Ask my parents before agreeing to meet ANYONE in person whom I have met online.