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Trend Micro™ Mobile Security Personal Edition
The best protection for your mobile digital life

Protect your Android™ device from loss, malicious apps, and web threats with Trend Micro™ Mobile Security Personal Edition. A trusted security leader for 20+ years, Trend Micro blocks 5 billion threats daily for over 100 million customers worldwide.

Mobile Security. It's getting personal.

Smartphones and tablets contain some of our most precious memories and personal details, including access to financial transactions and other secure locations. Cybercriminals now develop 5 new threats every second. With the sharp growth in smartphones and tablets, the bad guys are aggressively attacking these devices and your information with a new range of insidious threats.

Malicious App Scanner (Anti-Virus)

Mobile Security scans every app you download to ensure that they are not infected. It uses unique cloud-based systems that provide fast, effective protection that is light on system resources. Recent studies estimate that by the end of 2012 there will be over 120,000 pieces of Android malware attacking users. Malware threats to Android users include:

  • Spying tools that track user device data like location
  • Data stealers that collect and steal personal information
  • Rooters that can take remote control of the device
  • Premium service abusers that silently sign the user up to high cost services

Surf, call, text security

The web continues to be a treacherous place. Phishing sites in spam and infected websites are just a couple of the dangers. Trend Micro Mobile Security scans every page you visit with the same reputation checking service that protects over 100 million people worldwide. If the site is risky, it's blocked.

Receiving unwanted calls and texts is annoying, can cost you money, and waste your time. Mobile Security allows you to set lists of approved contacts, or a list of blocked contacts, so you can control who can reach you.

Parental Controls

Your child's phone is your way of staying connected with the most precious thing in your life. But their phone and/or their tablet device also gives them access to the web and makes them accessible to others whose intentions may be inappropriate.

Now you can set the same policies of restricted websites whether they are on the home PC or on their personal device. With the call and text filtering function, you can block contact from bullies or strangers. And with the Lost Device Protection location finder you can even locate your child if necessary.

Lost your device? What can be done?

If you've ever lost a mobile device you know how painful it is. Your mind quickly jumps from "Where did I leave it?" to "Did someone steal it?" to "Who are they calling?" and finally, "What are they doing with all my info?" With Trend Micro Mobile Security, you have access to a personal website that lets you locate your phone on a map. If it's near you (like on the fridge), you can trigger the alarm. If you can't retrieve it immediately, then you can lock it.

And finally, if you can't find it, you can remotely wipe clean your device of personal data.

Uninstallation Protection

To ensure that your device remains protected, Mobile Security prevents itself from being uninstalled by a thief or child attempting to circumvent the protection. Only someone trusted with your master account password can remove the app and change some of the settings.

System Requirements
Platform Google Android™
Operating system Android OS 2.2 and above
Storage space 7.5-MB minimum
Memory usage 9-MB for phone, 16-MB for tablet
Others Internet connection

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Trend Micro and the Smart Protection Network

The Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ uses a global network of threat intelligence sensors to continually update email, web, and file reputation databases in the cloud, identifying and blocking threats in real time before they reach you. It's cloud security made smarter.

PC World 100 Best of 2011
Named by PC World USA as one of the Top 100 products of 2011

“Within Trend Micro's security app we find another smoothly designed, well functioning security solution that sets up quickly and is exceedingly easy to use.”

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