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A Guide to Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year and cyber criminals are just as aggressive with luring "customers" as online retailers are. To help consumers browse through this year's best deals, Trend Micro and the Digital Joneses families provide tips for navigating online on Cyber Monday and how to avoid becoming one of the many affected by viruses, email phishing and online scams.

For this month's challenge, the Digital Joneses families were tasked to visit the best priced deal sites that they typically don't use in pursuit of Cyber Monday deals, and with Trend Micro's Shopping Safely Tips, documented where they spotted scams, viruses and phishing as well as where to find the best return policies, shipping, gift wrapping and more.

Trend Micro's Cyber Monday Shopping Safely Tips

Digital Joneses Cyber Monday Tips

Cyber Bogeyman or Malware in Disguise?

Halloween may bring candy and cheer to kids dressed as witches, ghosts and the latest pop singer, but where you might not expect to see costumes is in the Internet. Using everyday technology like social networking sites and with the help of hackers and scammers, the Internet disguises itself as online ghouls and goblins that like to infect your device, your computer and anything else with an Internet connection.

Join the Digital Joneses families in taking a festive quiz that will help families learn some of the latest threats on some of the more frequently used social media sites that could make your Halloween a night that is filled with cyber terrors.

Take the Halloween Quiz!

So you want to buy a tablet?

When purchasing a tablet, the iPad and Android family of tablets are great choices, but each has its own pros and cons. Trend Micro recommends you consider a few items first before purchasing the latest gadget and set up several safeguards on all your devices to ensure you're not the next Mat Honan, a WIRED Magazine journalist who recently had his entire digital life erased by a hacker for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc.

With the growing popularity of tablets nationwide, Trend Micro developed a Tablet Buyer's Starter Kit so you're fully aware of the types of devices available in the market as well as a quick checklist of the five things you should do to secure that new tablet right now. Whether you go for an Android tablet or an iPad, threats exist for both, so make sure you safeguard your digital life on your new tablet and all your gadgets, gizmos and online sites.

Download Trend Micro's Tablet Buyer's Starter Kit

Stay Safe During the 2012 Summer Olympics

As the official start of the 2012 Summer Olympics approaches, fans all around the world are gearing up and rescheduling meetings to support their country, sports idol or Cinderella story. Whether you're an Olympic fanatic or a curious observer, the Olympics has always been a crowd pleaser with fans, and unfortunately, also with cybercriminals.

Given the Olympics garners undivided, worldwide attention for almost a month, this summer will act as a breeding ground for online security threats. To help every Olympics fanatic, loyal supporter, avid social watcher and curious observer safely enjoy the Olympic games this summer, Trend Micro has prepared an online quiz to help you determine what type of fan you are and the corresponding threats you should monitor for. In addition, Trend Micro developed some tips and advice for parents, families and kids on how they can avoid becoming victims on this high security risk event.

What type of fan will you be this summer Olympics?

Modern Warfare: Online Gaming Safety

With more smartphones, consoles and Internet-enabled devices available to kids, the gaming industry has seen its fair share of newfound success with access to more users. Therefore, this month's challenge is more about education rather than a task to complete.

With Internet-connected consoles, smartphones and other devices, gaming has become more accessible and more interactive. However, parents need to be aware of the threats when playing a game that relies on an Internet connection, especially when the game is age-inappropriate. From obscene language to online predators, children are exposed to a whole new set of threats on an often overlooked platform. That's why the Digital Joneses families will be talking about how they handle online gaming in their families, and share tips on how they keep their kids safe online.

Download the Online Gaming Safety Tips

Stay Connected on the Go This Summer

In light of families hitting the road this summer vacation, Trend Micro developed this month's challenge to revolve around mobility. The Digital Joneses are tasked with using only their mobile phones — along with several Trend Micro solutions to keep them safe while doing so — for a 24-hour period to securely and safely conduct mobile activities normally done on a laptop or home desktop.

To help the Digital Joneses families successfully complete these mobile activities, Trend Micro created a guide on email and Web browser organization, safe file storage, running maintenance checks, password management tips and mobile phone battery optimization.

Download the May Challenge and Safety Tips

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Are you (digitally) smarter than a fifth grader?

To kick off the program, bloggers and their families will take an overall online IQ test, testing their current digital security acumen. The questions will be tied to the different online security topics addressed over the course of the year. The test results will be used as a tool to measure their current knowledge levels, providing a baseline for upcoming challenges.

Bloggers will be encouraged to share their own results, provide tips based on what the family learned from the test and publish the IQ test for their readers to take.

Take the quiz to discover your Security IQ!

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The Trend Talk

It's easy to teach your children the meaning of "safety" and "security," but do they truly understand what it means to be safe? This month's challenge – "The Trend Talk" – will focus on teaching children the meaning of commonly used terms and how they apply to their lives. Ideas like phishing, cyberbullying and online grooming will be broken down in terms for children, pre-teens and teenagers to understand how to be safe online.

Bloggers will be encouraged to speak with their children after participating in the security discussion with security experts to discuss what their children learned, and share a guide on how to talk about online security with their reader's children.

Download the "The Trend Talk" Questionnaire Here

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Get Your Digital House in Order

Spring cleaning is a perfect time to reorganize your home, but with spending more time than ever online it also serves as a reminder for you to "spring clean" your digital life. To help the Digital Joneses families de-clutter their e-clutter, Trend Micro has developed a checklist you can follow to ensure all your devices are running as efficiently as possible, and your e-files are organized and stored properly.

The checklist provides information on email and Web browser organization, how to store files and back up the irreplaceable data, how to run maintenance checks on your computer, password management tips and mobile phone battery optimization.

Download the Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist Here

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