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Take the Halloween Quiz

Trick or Treat? Halloween brings candy and cheer to kids dressed as witches, ghosts and Lady Gaga, but can you unmask the ghouls and goblins online using everyday technology like social networking sites and smartphones to infect your device, your computer and anything else with an Internet connection? Take this fun quiz to find out…if you dare.

  1. How does the dreaded Kolab Worm lure its victims?
    • With treats and candied apples by the mouth of its cave
    • Via shortened links on Twitter and spreading through replies and retweets
    • With the promise of fame and fortune in exchange for your soul
  2. What are Z-BOTs?
    • Zombie robots that pose as trick or treaters on Halloween to gain intel for Z-Day (zombie apocalypse)
    • The latest Facebook game pitting zombies VS robots. The more friends you recruit the higher your rank
    • An email notification with a fake friend request fooling you to download malware that makes your computer part of a zombie army botnet
  3. What is one possible risk of clicking a Z-BOT link?
    • Generated Bitcoins that can track your transactions
    • Tooth decay
    • Ghosts rattling chains in your basement, in turn causing insomnia and a general drop in your day-to-day performance and mood
  4. What are Droid Demons?
    • Transylvania's cyborg roller derby team
    • The cousins of Z-BOT that are disembodied ghouls trapped in robot shells, also plotting for Z-Day
    • Android malware that steals data and automatically subscribes consumers to expensive premium services that may as well cost you your soul
  5. What is Koobface and where can one find this mysterious creature lurking?
    • A giant alligator that lives in the sewers of Main Street USA, feeding off rats and the occasional lost trick or treater
    • In closets and under beds. Other fables refer to Koobface as The Boogyman
    • Within torrent downloading services for games, music, movies and shows whose files consumers download and, once infected, Koobface can take full control of your computer system and digital life
  6. Nicki, an evil virus disguised as a Google+ application for your Android smartphone, likes to eavesdrop and record your phone calls to extract any personal information it can exploit.
    • True
    • False
  7. When home alone watching horror movies, it's a good idea to Tweet to your friends that you're terrified and alone, just to be safe.
    • True
    • False
  8. Just like vampires, you are safe from viruses as long as you don't invite them into your home.
    • True
    • False
  9. How can you protect against viruses?
    • Wear a garlic necklace and carry plenty of holy water
    • Never open unsolicited attachments
    • Have silver bullets handy
    • Stay out of direct sunlight
  10. What is the term "Wardriving" specifically refering to?
    • The act of driving an armored vehicle through a crowd of zombies
    • Unauthorized wireless internet use
    • What common road rage can escalate to if left unchecked